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   • Introduction DRRA
         Navigation info (this page)
          Executive board
          E-mail webmaster DRRA
   • Activities
          Beaufort scale
          Chance for rain KNMI
          Lanching Area Zoom In
          Lanching Area Map
          E-mail Joining Lanchingday
      °  DRRA Results/Times/Records
             Detailled overview Fly 'm High 2002
   • Safety
          European rules
   • Links
          Modelrocket sites
          Space Travel sites
          Rocket sites
   • How&What-1
         Engine operation
      °  Engine code
             Engine table
          Modelrocket Parts
      °  Assembly
         • Recovery Systems (Parachute)
   • How&What-2
          Costs of this hobby
          DRRA Shop
      °  Interactive headings (Forum: Question/Answers/Problems/Tips)
             Add Item
      °  Online Calculations
             Conical Shoulders / Boattails / Nosecones
             Parachute sizes / Decent Velocities
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          DRRA bulletin Hints&Tips


Common Site Navigation
•Navigation inside the site takes place with the use of the buttonbar, the Index (on the left side of the screen).
•Besides that, hyperlinks(underlined text) on the pages can be used to navigate to other pages.
•Some people experience trouble with the popups in the Index, because the 'textsize' in their browser (menu: View) is set to 'Large' or 'Extra Large'. In those cases the popups don't fit in their frames because of their limited available space. You can prevent this from happening bij setting the textsize to 'Normal'.
•Also navigation via clickable images is possible at different pages, to navigate to other pages.
•Via the DRRA Navigation Info page you can jump quickly to any other page of the site. Very easy if you lost your way (I can't imagine,...:-) ).
Navigation Outside the Site
•At full-screen you can always navigate to applications outside the site by using the 'ALT+Tab' key combination.
•At the foot of the button bar of the DRRA window (left side of the screen) you will find a button for closing the site screen. (You will close the application!!)
•Use the 'Windows'-button to activate the Start-menu and the taskbar.

Recommended resolution: 800 x 600 (SVGA) or more.

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