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The DRRA is a Dutch national modeling association since 1964, of which the members busy oneselves with building, designing and launching modelrockets. Think of models of soundingrockets, which are used for tests and probes, spacevehicules such as the Mercury Redstone, Saturn V, Space Shuttle, Ariane and a multitude of self invented and designed models such as UFO's, flying pencils, cola bottles and waterrockets. These modelrockets are actually being launched, just like the big rockets, with the help of specially, for this hobby made, moderocket motors. Building modelrockets is very instructive and fun to do and is used more and more for pieces of work by students and unions.

Modelrocketry is a worldwide known hobby with European and world championchips. In the Netherlands, the number of participants is stable for years and most of them joined to an enthusiastic group called DRRA. The DRRA is thé association in the Netherlands which engages itself with this type of modeling. Because the members are scattered across the country, the association doesn't have a local club building and the members conduct their launchings at an appropriate field in their neighbourhood (Between the cows and the green gras) or at our field in Almere and last year also in Wolsum.

Within the association most modelrockets which are launched are in the LOW- and MID-power range. Factory made engines are used which keeps the hobby safe. The motorclasses spread more or less from ½A (0-1,25 Nsec=Newton*second) to G (80-160 Nsec).
Besides solid propellant engines, waterrockets are used also (propelled by water and compressed gas, mostly air. This is a cold propelling method) and sometimes a hybrid engine is used (a gaseous oxidator and a solid fuel, mostly paper or plastics).

Yearly the association organizes the DRRA launching days (summerseason, mostly at Almere, for the last 30 years!) and gatherings (winterseason, mostly at Amersfoort) among which the yearly Infoday and the Members meeting. The DRRA is also active at modeling events and we unfold some activities at request. An example of this is the yearly scienceweek at which the DRRA was active at the TU Twente for two years. One hundred visitors built and launched their modelrockets under supervision of the DRRA.

Furthermore we support scholars and students with their questions, problems and activities on the subject of modelrocketry. A little push in the back with technical support, engine choice or whatever, is mostly considered as very helpfull when making the first steps towards the beautifull modelrocketry hobby. Questions can be asked and problems can be put in the appropriate Headings in our online Forum.
The answers can be given by anybody. The possibility for free discussion and communication about modelrocketry related subjects can be used, provided that the net-etiquette is being observed. Help and support with the very first modelrocket launch can be given at our national launchingdays. You are welcome! Every time a thrilling experience!

After starting with some modelrocket kits, the members start building their own models, after first designing them, and construct their own parts (nosecones, bodytube, etc). The association has enough disposal of literature (partly English) for the starting hobbyist to learn the different aspects of the hobby, to find in our Membersarea. All kind of news about the hobby, among others: designs, techniques, news about space travelling and space updates are published in the association's magazine Hints&Tips. Besides that, a newsletter is published with all sorts of information.

There are some other associations in the Netherlands who deal with the semi-professional (you can say more expensive) rocketry. The NAVRO has a little modelrocketry department, of which the members often take part in the DRRA launchingdays, the NERO doesn't deal with modelrocketry at all and DARE is an association of enthousiastic TU Delft students.

modelraket The executive board consists of:

Chairman: Klaas-Jan van Til
Treasurer: Gerard Vermeulen
Boardmember1: Roland Lemmers
Boardmember2: Bert Holkamp
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