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Contacting the DRRA?
Use one of the following:

Via mail: info(at)drra(dot)nl
[ replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with . ]

Chairman: Klaas-Jan van Til 06-16754047
Treasurer: Gerard Vermeulen 0344-653863
Secretary: Ben Albers 0346-551742
Boardmember1: Roland Lemmers 06-31978490
Boardmember2: Bart van den Houdt 06-11645656

Via post:
Postal address:
B. Albers / DRRA
Ranstplein 6,
3602 ZW, Maarssen

Account numbers contribution/donors:
Bank: NL43ABNA0553039660, at Tiel
For account of: DRRA

For international paymant use:
IBAN: NL43ABNA0553039660

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