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Engineering the Space Shuttle

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Placed by: Roland on 28-08-18 11:40 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
Op de onlineleerwebsite edX start later deze maand een cursus, Engineering the Space Shuttle.

Hier volgt een stukje uit de introductie:

This course examines how the Space Shuttle was designed and how its design was influenced by economics and politics. The course goes into detail on many of the Shuttle’s subsystems (e.g. rocket engines, thermal protection, aerodynamics, environmental control and life support, communications, etc.) and explains how the Shuttle was operated (launch, mission control, payloads, etc.). The course also uses the Space Shuttle to present the fundamentals of Systems Engineering.

Students will gain a systems perspective on the complexities of Shuttle development and its operations. It explores both the Shuttle’s successes and its shortcomings and has valuable object lessons for future space initiatives. The Shuttle is a valuable case study in the advantages and difficulties involved in reusable space systems - particularly relevant today as reusability is a key requirement of many rockets and spacecraft currently under development.

Voor de volledige tekst en eventueel aanmelden voor de GRATIS (worden we blij van als Nederlanders) cursus:
Shuttle | Reaction of: Ben Albers on 30-08-18 17:00 | E-mail: bfalbers(at)
altijd al zo'n ding willen bouwenvrolijk schaterlachcool man!
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