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Asteroid day 2018

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Placed by: Roland on 28-06-18 20:45 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
28 June 2018

The world’s first 48-hour webcast about asteroids and their place in space will begin at 12:00 CEST, on Friday, 29 June 2018.

Het gaat het hele weekend over planetoiden. Wat zijn het? Wat zijn de problemen die ze kunnen veroorzaken? Hoe kunnen ze nuttig zijn?


Asteroid Experts: Debbie Lewis (ADXP), Ian Carnelli (ESA), Patrick Michel (CNES), Mark Boslough (ADXP), Gary Martin (, Alan Fitzsimmons (QUB Astrophysics Research Centre), Mario Juric (University of Washington), Pete Worden (Breakthrough)

Astronauts: Chris Hadfield, Ed Lu, Rusty Schweickart, Nicole Stott, Tom Jones, Matthias Maurer, Dorin Prunariu

Officials: Etienne Schneider (Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg), Simonetta di Pippo (Director of UNOOSA), Johann-Dietrich Wörner (ESA Director General)

Scientists: Richard Dawkins (English ethologist, evolutionary biologist), Lord Martin Rees (British cosmologist and astrophysicist), Bill Nye (Science communicator)

Artists: Sarah Brightman, Peter Gabriel
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