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Placed by: Roland on 19-05-18 14:18 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
Onlangs is Ignition! : An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants opnieuw uitgebracht. Ik had 'm al vooruitbesteld en eergisteren kwam het boek binnen.

De eerste druk was van 1972 en nu, 46 jaar later, is er de 2e druk.

This newly reissued debut book in the Rutgers University Press Classics imprint is the story of the search for a rocket propellant which could be trusted to take man into space. This search was a hazardous enterprise carried out by rival labs who worked against the known laws of nature, with no guarantee of success or safety. Acclaimed scientist and sci-fi author John D. Clark writes with irreverent and eyewitness immediacy about the development of the explosive fuels strong enough to negate the relentless restraints of gravity. The resulting volume is as much a memoir as a work of history, sharing a behind-the-scenes view of an enterprise which eventually took men to the moon, missiles to the planets, and satellites to outer space. A classic work in the history of science, and described as "a good book on rocket stuff...that's a really fun one" by Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, readers will want to get their hands on this influential classic, available for the first time in decades.
Vorige versie | Reaction of: Henk Siewert on 19-05-18 19:47 | E-mail: hmjswt(at)
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| Reaction of: Roland on 19-05-18 20:15 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
Als pdf had ik 'm al en nooit meer gelezen dan een aantal pagina's want pdf op beeldscherm. Perfect als je graag van een beeldscherm lees. Laat ik daar nou helemaal geen liefhebber van zijn.
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