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Blue Origin

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Placed by: DRRA-KJvTil on 29-04-18 14:17 | E-mail: info(at)
Blue Origin preps for suborbital test flight Sunday

April 27, 2018

Blue Origin plans its next suborbital test launch Sunday from the company’s sprawling development complex in West Texas, the company’s owner Jeff Bezos announced Friday. The single-stage New Shepard rocket is scheduled for launch at 9:45 a.m. EDT (1345 GMT; 8:45 a.m. CDT), and Blue Origin will provide a live webcast of the test flight.

The reusable New Shepard booster is expected to send Blue Origin’s crew capsule, which will carry research experiments and not passengers on Sunday’s test, to the edge of space, an internationally-recognized boundary around 62 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth. The crew capsule is expected to separate from the rocket once its main engine cuts off, then descend back to the ground under parachutes.

Meanwhile, the New Shepard booster itself will plunge back to Earth before deploying a drag brake, reigniting its hydrogen-fueled BE-3 engine, and extending landing legs for a gentle vertical touchdown on a concrete landing pad.

That’s assuming the flight plan mirrors the trajectory of past New Shepard test launches.

A temporary flight restriction issued by the Federal Aviation Administration covering Blue Origin’s test site, located north of Van Horn, Texas, is valid from 9:30 a.m. EDT through 4 p.m. EDT (8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. CDT) Sunday to “provide a safe environment for rocket launch and recovery.”

The flight restriction also covers possible launch windows each day through Wednesday.

Blue Origin will webcast the test flight live, and the video will be available on this page.

Sunday’s test flight is expected to reuse the same New Shepard booster that made its first launch in December.

The rocket flown Dec. 13 is Blue Origin’s third New Shepard vehicle. The first New Shepard model was lost on a landing attempt in April 2015, and Blue Origin retired the second unit after it made five successful suborbital hops.

The December test flight also debuted Blue Origin’s upgraded crew capsule, which features large windows to offer passengers spectacular views on their trips to space and back.

Bron: Spaceflightnow
Nieuw lanceertijdstip | Reaction of: Roland on 29-04-18 17:13 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
Na 2x verschuiven staat de lancering nu gepland voor 18.13u onze tijd.
Replay | Reaction of: DRRA-KJvTil on 30-04-18 01:22 | E-mail: info(at)
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