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Insight lancering 5 mei.

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Placed by: Roland on 24-04-18 11:00 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
Voor 5 mei staat de lancering van de Insight marslander op de agenda.
InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) gaat:
  • marsbevingen waarnemen
  • de temperatuur van mars nemen op verschillende diepten
  • verschuivingen meten van het marsoppervlak waar Insight staat
Voor meer informatie:
Do 3 mei om 22u Prelaunch Briefing | Reaction of: Roland on 02-05-18 19:00 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
Thursday, May 3
4 p.m. – Prelaunch Briefing
Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters
Bruce Banerdt, InSight principal investigator at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Tom Hoffman, InSight project manager at JPL
Annick Sylvestre-Baron, deputy project manager for the InSight seismometer investigation at France's space agency, the Centre National d'Études Spatiales
Philippe Lognonné, InSight seismometer investigation lead at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris in France
Tilman Spohn, investigation lead at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Probe (HP3), an instrument on InSight
Andrew Klesh, MarCO chief engineer at JPL
Anne Marinan, MarCO systems engineer at JPL
Stu Spath, InSight program manager at Lockheed Martin Space
Tim Dunn, launch director with NASA’s Launch Services Program
Scott Messer, ULA program manager for NASA launches
Col. Michael Hough, commander of the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg
1st Lt. Kristina Williams, weather officer for the 30th Space Wing
| Reaction of: Roland on 05-05-18 07:19 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
NASA tv begin om 12:30u onze tijd met de uitzending omtrent de lancering van Insight die als alles goed gaat om 13:05u gelanceerd wordt met een Atlas V.
Perfecte timing. Computer aan, middageten erbij en kijken maar.
Succes | Reaction of: Roland on 06-05-18 08:04 | E-mail: cb19mc127(at)
Na een geslaagde lancering is Insight nu onderweg naar Mars. Op 26 november zal als alles goed gaat de landing plaats vinden.

Zoek naar Elysium Planitia op:
om te zien waar Insight gaat landen.
We zijn er bijna! | Reaction of: Roland on 21-11-18 07:25 | E-mail: zie(at)ledenafdeling.drra
Maar nog niet helemaal.
Tot het zover is zijn er nog een aantal informatiebijeenkomsten die bekeken kunnen worden op NASAtv.

Wednesday, Nov. 21

10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) – News conference: Mission engineering overview

11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST) – News conference: Mission science overview

Sunday, Nov. 25

10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) – News conference: Final pre-landing update

1 p.m. PST (4 p.m. EST) – NASA Social: InSight team Q&A

Monday, Nov. 26: Landing Day
11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PST (2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST) – Live landing commentary on the NASA TV Public Channel and online. In addition, an uninterrupted, clean feed of cameras from inside JPL mission control, with mission audio only, will be available at the same time on the NASA TV Media Channel, at and at

About 12 noon PST (3 p.m. EST) – Expected time of InSight touchdown on Mars
No earlier than 2 p.m. PST (5 p.m. EST) – Post-landing news conference
Insight landing | Reaction of: DRRA- KJ on 26-11-18 20:05 | E-mail: info(at)
Nou, die Nasa site klapt er om de haverklap uit... lekker...
| Reaction of: Roland on 27-11-18 07:37 | E-mail: zie(at)ledenafdeling.drra
Via youtube had ik dat ook maar via NASAtv ging het zonder 1 hapering.

De eerste beelden zijn inmiddels binnen:

Insight landing | Reaction of: DRRA- KJ on 27-11-18 11:12 | E-mail: info(at)
Ja, heb het uiteindelijk goed kunnen volgen.
Spannend dat één voor één al die acties aflopen en goed gaan, terwijl je weet dat het eigenlijk al 8 minuten geleden gebeurd was.
Goed gedaan van NASA!

De zonnepanelen zijn intussen ook goed ontvouwd.

NASA's InSight has sent signals to Earth indicating that its solar panels are open and collecting sunlight on the Martian surface. NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter relayed the signals, which were received on Earth at about 5:30 p.m. PST (8:30 p.m. EST). Solar array deployment ensures the spacecraft can recharge its batteries each day. Odyssey also relayed a pair of images showing InSight's landing site.

The InSight team can rest a little easier tonight now that we know the spacecraft solar arrays are deployed and recharging the batteries, said Tom Hoffman, InSight's project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, which leads the mission. It's been a long day for the team. But tomorrow begins an exciting new chapter for InSight: surface operations and the beginning of the instrument deployment phase.

InSight's twin solar arrays are each 2.2 meters wide; when they're open, the entire lander is about the size of a big 1960s convertible. Mars has weaker sunlight than Earth because it's much farther away from the Sun. But the lander doesn't need much to operate: The panels provide 600 to 700 watts on a clear day, enough to power a household blender and plenty to keep its instruments conducting science on the Red Planet. Even when dust covers the panels — what is likely to be a common occurrence on Mars — they should be able to provide at least 200 to 300 watts.

The panels are modeled on those used with NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, though InSight’s are slightly larger in order to provide more power output and to increase their structural strength. These changes were necessary to support operations for one full Mars year (two Earth years).

In the coming days, the mission team will unstow InSight's robotic arm and use the attached camera to snap photos of the ground so that engineers can decide where to place the spacecraft's scientific instruments. It will take two to three months before those instruments are fully deployed and sending back data.

In the meantime, InSight will use its weather sensors and magnetometer to take readings from its landing site at Elysium Planitia — its new home on Mars.
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