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I wonder...

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Placed by: DRRA - Klaas-Jan on 15-03-16 12:57 | E-mail: info(at)

I live near rotterdam and just got my first rocket.

I wonder if there are any recommendations about where to launch the rockets from near rotterdam? Also are their local clubs or meetings where we can meet other people interested in flying rockets?

Kind regards

Re: I wonder... | Reaction of: DRRA-KJvTil on 15-03-16 13:00 | E-mail: info(at)
Hello Andrew,

Welcome to his exiting and interesting hobby!
It is always nice to meet people who are interested in model rockets.

The best thing to do is launching at the DRRA launch days in Almere.
Last year we had 363 registered launches!
The agenda is to be found at the Activities button.
The Dutch version of the site is more new (but I will make corrections to the English agenda as soon as possible for you).
We ask no fee for joining a launch day and you are more than welcome.
The next one will be on the 16th of April (mostly the 2nd Saturday of the warmer months).

The DRRA is the national model rocket club in NL and as far as I now, there are no local clubs.
At the DRRA site there also is a forum, where you can post questions etc.
Do not launch rockets in the neighbourhood of large airfields (at least 10Km distance).

Next Saturday we will have our annual members meeting in Almere.
We will choose some board members, have a review about 2015 with photo’s,
we will talk about what we will do in 2016(launch weekend), etc.

Have a nice day,
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