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The launchingdays which are organized by the DRRA have an informal character. Every model rocket hobbyist is welcome* to participate. Even when you are not a DRRA member. Much information and tips are exchanged and the members are always willing to help with solving building or launching difficulties.
Together we make this a fun hobby!

Taking place of a launching day depends on the following factors:
  • The windforce may not exceed 3 Bft (5,5m/sec).
  • The chance for rain may not exceed 40-50%
  • There have to be a few participants

  • Here you can read if the launchingday takes place the evening before the actual date.
    It will be determined at 20.00 at its latest.

      Location launching area: Almere-Hout
    (Zooming in from high altitude)
    Immediately go to the area map
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    Dates 2018 Planned DRRA launching days (Subject to change)
    2nd Sat. in May-Oct. In April the 3rd Sat(weekend after the planned one, is the spare).
    Sat. 21 April Fly to the Sky-1
    Location: Almere-Hout
    5,..4,..3,..2,..1,..We had liftoff!

    Particular details:
    - Beautiful weather, high temp., sunny, no clouds 2-3Bft.
    - 57 launches.
    - Egg rocket simultaneous launch. 8 participants, 4 eggs scrambled.
    - Fried egg sandwich with ham / lettuce, HotDog sandwiches.
    - 1 certificationsflight, this was approved.

    More rockets, more members, more fun!

    Sat. 12 May
    Fly to the Sky-2
    Location: Almere-Hout (see link above) We Have Liftoff!

    5,..4,..3,..2,..1,..We have liftoff!

    Want to know more about the interesting and fun
    model rocket hobby? Curious and just want to have a look?
    Would you like to launch on our launch day, but your'e not a member?
    Come and see or join us.

    Start: 11.00uur (buildup / help welcome).
    Start launching: ± 12.00 o'clock.
    End: ±17.00 o'clock.
    Location: Almere-Hout
    Terrain Entrance: North-east side of the terrain (near the fence).
    Free launch*

    Sign in and join us in the launch!
    Then we also know if we can let it continue.

    Sat. 9 June Fly to the Sky-3
    Location: Almere-Hout (see link above)
    Sat. 14 July Fly to the Sky-4
    Location: Almere-Hout (see link above)
    Sat. 11 Aug. Fly to the Sky-5
    Location: Almere-Hout (see link above)
    Sat. 8 Sept. Fly to the Sky-6
    Location: Almere-Hout (see link above)
    Sat. 13 Oct. Fly to the Sky-7
    Location: Almere-Hout (see link above)

    Dates 2018 Meetings
    Sat. 17 Feb. What: DRRA General Meeting/Members Meeting
    Where: Zutphen

    This day is only for DRRA members (18 participants).
    Sat. 17 March What: Building- and Info-day DRRA, Zutphen - Free entrance
    For anybody interested in model rockets!

    The safety rules of the DRRA comply even as the directions of members of the executive board or launchmaster.
    Next to it, you are bound to the domestic regulations (Dutch language) of the DRRA.

    Legal responsibility:
    The participants of DRRA launchingdays or activities organized by the DRRA are themselves responsible and liable for eventual damage caused to themselves or to third parties. The DRRA or the DRRA executive board does not accept any responsibility. By taking part in activities organized by the DRRA, the participant states that participant has knowledge of this own responsibility and accepts this own responsibility.
    Visitors/those present, are seen as participants of the launchingdays or activities.
    Before being allowed to launch your models at a DRRA event, a Vrijwaringsformulier has to be signed and handed in to the launchmaster. Ask for this form, or fill it in before taking part in launch activities.

    Here you can read if the launchingday takes place the evening before the actual date.
    Phoning is also possible: 0344-653863 (18.00 - 21.00 hrs) Gerard.
    When occupied: 0575-843749 (18.00 - 21.00 hrs) Klaas-Jan.

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